RETHINK Objectives

1 – to contribute to Reform of Higher Education in the PCs, the three Ministries of Education (Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Ukraine) are invited to assist this process and deliver the Bologna tools to their national regulations;

2 – to modernise the Curricula of the PC HEIs and to overcome the outdated knowledge base of the PC HEIs, the EU HEIs are chosen to develop new Joint (Master and PhD) Degrees with “CO2THINK+transdisciplinarity” approach on the areas of Architecture/Urban Planning and Environmental Sciences/Climate Engineering.

3 – to have double effect on the modernisation of Curricula, every partner country is participating simultaneously within 2 areas: 1 - Architecture/Urban planning and 2 - Environmental Sciences/Climate Engineering.

4 – to connect Higher Education and Society and to address knowledge triangle “Education/research/innovation”, the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development and Business Association of Entrepreneurs are invited to provide special trainings and students’ placement for Innovation/Business network creation.

5 – to contribute to Global warming mitigation with multiple effect, all the partner countries of ENPI East (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) are included to the RETHINK partnership in order to respond to the regional priority “Environment”.

6 – to extend the TEMPUS programme embrace/network, partners without (including the Applicant) / or with very limited TEMPUS experience , and from the periferal cities are included to the RETHINK partnership.

7 – to contribute to the perfectening of the management/administrative skills, all the PC HEIs are involved in the strategic workpackages and its implementation.

8 – to enhance the international collaboration, the PC HEI (Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Ukraine)) is chosen to be Joint-Coordinator and to accomplish, bridge-buiding” function.